Sizzling Saturday at Frisian Balloon Parties

Sizzling Saturday at Frisian Balloon Parties

“It was a great day”, that is the conclusion after the fourth day of the Frisian Balloon Parties. It was a pleasure on the Nutsbaan. That started with the old-timer ride and the trunk market and ended with the Radio Continu 'On Tour' drive-in show.

A lot of great deals have been made at the car boot market. Many items changed hands. What is superfluous for one person may be a treasure for another. That proved once again on Saturday.

Slowly, the Nutsbaan filled with special vehicles. Enthusiasts could marvel at these old-timers all afternoon. Meanwhile, DJs Sieds Wijnalda and Aise Bosma, a mobile nightclub and the Hayfever Rock 'n Roll & sixties band created an excellent atmosphere.

Whether the balloons could go up in the air in the evening was still just as exciting. The wind had to decrease sufficiently first. Fortunately, the weather gods were in favor of Joure and as many as 31 balloons were able to take to the skies.

Even the mill, the icing sugar canister and Prince the frog went up in the air. At the beginning of the evening, few had counted on that. Ignis the dragon and Morris the Donkey no longer took off, but they did treat the audience to a nice 'static show'.

Unfortunately, the nightglow was canceled due to the rising wind, but that didn't spoil the festivities. The Radio Continuous 'On Tour' drive-in show was full of dancing and singing along until the late hours. Successively Pascal Redeker, Anne Hazes, Immer Hansi, Lytse Hille, Jan Biggel and René Karst made it an evening to remember.