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The time has come: the hot air balloon is standing up. The pilot beckons you, time to climb into the basket. One more time, you have a fever in your stomach and off you go. Slowly but surely, the hot air balloon takes off. The beautiful Frisian landscape with lakes, forests and farmlands slowly passes underneath you while you are carried away by the wind. That's fun!

Ballooning during the Frisian Balloon Festival is a breathtaking experience.
Ballooning tickets are available from €225 per person.

ticket options

Morning cruise ticket to Frisian Balloon Parties
Morning cruise

including breakfast €210, -
(Friday and Saturday only)

Evening cruise ticket to Frisian Balloon Parties
Evening cruise

€225, -

Evening cruise ticket to Frisian Balloon Parties
Evening cruise

including dinner €235, -

Are you going on a hot air balloon ride? Then consider the following points:

  • Be there on time! 6 p.m., we expect you at the Harddraversweg site. On site, you will hear during the briefing which hot air balloon you are flying with.
  • Follow the P-Ballonfeesten signs. For a parking ticket, you pay €10, -.
  • Upon arrival at the site, you can report to the “REPORT PASSENGERS HERE” sign.
  • You bring cameras, phones, etc. at your own risk.
  • It is warm in the air so thick clothing is not necessary, but you can bring a vest or thin jacket afterwards. Get a pair of sturdy shoes and you can just wear casual clothes.
  • After the balloon ride of approximately 1 hour, the pilot launches the landing.
  • Does your family want to ride after the hot air balloon and see the landing? Please report this to the pilot beforehand.
  • Do you have no transport back to the festival site after landing? Then you and the crew will go back to the Harddraversweg in Joure.
  • You don't get afraid of heights because there is no contact with the Earth during the trip.
  • Unfortunately, if you are pregnant, you are not allowed to ride in a balloon.

Do you want to experience for yourself what it's like to sail in a balloon?
Then book your hot air balloon ride now!

do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about booking a balloon ride, etc., please visit our frequently asked questions page (faq).